Award-winning educational partnership

Technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. How do we ensure today’s education prepares students for tomorrow’s challenges? As a leader in sustainable innovation, GF is helping to train the next generation of technical specialists. Through shared knowledge and hands-on experience, graduates are now primed for success in their careers.

About Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College and GF

Established in 2001, Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College (China) is a state-owned public institution of higher education. It offers 33 higher vocational diploma programs and two skill-oriented undergraduate programs. The college has three of China’s top specialties: mold design and manufacturing, photovoltaic power generation technology and application, and e-commerce. Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College has around 10’000 students and 3’000 new graduates each year and is one of China’s leading die-and-mold training campuses.


Young people participating in technical and vocational programs

Education is a path to more fulfilling work, greater career prospects and a higher quality of life. However, worldwide only around 5% of young people aged 15–24 participate in technical and vocational programs.35 To continue driving social and economic growth, there’s an urgent need to raise these numbers.

In response to this challenge, GF formed a partnership with Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College (China) in 2016. Since then, on the back of this partnership, GF has elevated its profile throughout the country. The college is one of China’s leading die-and-mold training institutions, with around 10’000 students and 3’000 graduates per year. Having celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2021, the collaboration with GF is enriching the students’ learning experience by helping them to meet the growing demand for technical prowess.

Wendy Shi is GF’s Head of Education in China. She is responsible for promoting GF’s advanced technology in Chinese institutions and cultivating skilled talent for GF and its customers.


Zhou Jing is Cadre at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College. He also participated in the creation of the Chinese Technical Research Center for Industrial Precision Molding.


Investing in tomorrow’s technical specialists

Zhou Jing, Cadre at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, says GF’s support has been a revelation. “We urgently needed updated teacher training, learning materials and machines that our students use for practical training. GF has elevated our entire program, and our graduates have terrific career prospects.”

GF provided eight state-of-the-art machines for tasks such as cutting, milling, laser processing and automation technology, supported by ongoing training. Subjects such as computerized numerical control (CNC) machining technology, mold design and manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing equipment technology feature hands-on classes with GF’s machines. It’s a win-win for the college: students learn at the cutting-edge of innovation, and staff receive training in machine operation, milling and automation.

“GF has an extensive track record in developing high-precision production systems. Its commitment to education and technical excellence made it the ideal partner for our college.”

Zhou Jing, Cadre at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College

Learning from the best

Jia Zhihao is a student at Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College. During his fifth semester, the promising student won second prize in the National Vocational Students Skills Competition. Through his college’s partnership with GF, he has hands-on experience in die and mold machine structures, operation, programming and processing. “Thanks to GF’s equipment and training, I have the exact qualifications I need to start my career in the CNC industry.” Jia specifically enjoys production and processing work, which allows him to continuously improve his skills and learn more innovative die-and-mold machining techniques. “I’m very excited about the future, and I hope to become a CNC technical expert working for GF or one of its customers.”


GF’s Head of Education in China, Wendy Shi, says the partnership is a role model for technical collaborations. “We’re developing students to become leaders in their field and their communities. Companies like GF only improve with the best people, and that all starts with education.”

GF’s partnership rewards everyone involved. The college benefits from GF’s knowledge, equipment and industry relationships, while GF and its customers gain access to tomorrow’s die-and-mold industry leaders.

An ongoing success story

GF’s influence extends beyond the campus. The college’s students took second place at the National Vocational Students Skills Competition in numerical control (NC) programming, processing and component assembly. One of the winning students, Jia Zhihao, said: “I’m very proud of my award and I now realize how well training with GF’s machines has prepared me for my professional life.”

The partnership has also paved the way for other rewarding collaborations. In the last five years, GF has partnered with 11 other institutions and opened another school in the mold-making field with Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College. The campuses are close to GF’s customers to create job opportunities and long-term relationships.

GF’s collaboration with Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College is a template for sustainable education. The college helps graduates find careers with GF and its customers, who can invest more resources into training. In the end, GF is doing more than fostering professional success: we are helping students build their networks.

Two points of view

What do you appreciate in particular about the cooperation with GF?

Zhou Jing: GF is an ideal partner as the company has a long track record in building precision die-and-mold machines and rich experience in education and talent development. GF is our preferred partner as the collaboration allows our students to train with the most advanced technologies and pursue excellent career prospects.

What are the main benefits for GF from the cooperation with Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College?

Wendy Shi: The cooperation with the college helps GF in many ways. On the one hand, we can raise our profile in China and promote GF as an attractive employer. On the other, students receive state-of-the-art training and can work for our customers, thus building a very positive image of GF. Overall, the cooperation helps GF build stronger customer relationships and achieve sustainable long-term growth.

What do you have planned for the future of the cooperation?

Wendy Shi: We would be delighted to continue our partnership with Tianjin Light Industry Vocational Technical College. We are expanding our partnership and have considered including a Swiss college in the cooperation. We have also signed a contract agreement with the Chinese Ministry of Education for the next five years to develop similar projects in up to 100 other schools.

Zhou Jing: I am very confident and excited about the ongoing cooperation between GF and our college. I hope GF will keep up its commitment to the education of high-quality technical talents.

35 Source: Adapted from UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS),, 10.11.2021