Sustainability management at GF

The overall strategic direction of GF is driven through the GF Strategy 2020, defined and communicated by the Corporation in 2016. Proactive management and integration of sustainability-relevant topics within all of GF’s operating activities is key to achieving these set goals. Therefore, GF systematically addresses matters related to sustainability through a broad spectrum of relevant initiatives run by GF. Please refer to the section on “Our progress”.

In order to reach the Sustainability Targets 2020, responsibility for continuous integration of sustainability aspects into the daily operations of GF lies with each department and division. The Corporate Sustainability department coordinates and tracks progress towards achieving the set targets with the three divisional sustainability teams.

Corporate Sustainability is positioned within the Corporate Finance function and reports to the Head of Corporate Controlling and Investor Relations.

The Executive Committee bears operational responsibility for sustainability and discusses progress every six months to ensure that the targets are met. The annual performance objectives of the Executive Committee members include at least one related to sustainability (e.g. such as a zero accident rate or reduction of resource consumption in their respective area of responsibility). The individual objectives of a member of the Executive Committee are aligned to the strategic efforts of each division and are being cascaded into the organization.

Further information on the MBO process at GF

In 2019, the internal policy on sustainability management at GF was revised to anchor the topic into the daily activities of GF.

A variety of communication channels were added for communication with GF employees on sustainability – through a global quarterly sustainability newsletter, in-person thematic events, and an online collaboration group. In the second half of the year, continuing an annual tradition, GF conducted a regional sustainability conference, bringing over 30 environmental and health & safety specialists from GF’s Asian locations together. Similar to the European conference from 2018, the objectives of the event were to foster knowledge exchange among participating locations and to increase momentum on goals set within the Sustainability Targets 2020 in the areas of energy efficiency, waste management, and occupational safety.

Participants of the 2019 GF Sustainability Conference – Asia

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