Key figures 2019

Economic performance indicators

2019 sales with social and environmental benefits

% of total GF sales


Examples of identified benefits include but are not limited to: ensuring safe and hygienic potable water in buildings, safe and leak-free distribution of gas and chemicals to ensure less human and environmental accidents, light metals components, including components for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, helping to reduce the weight and CO2 footprint of vehicles, solutions for GF’s machining customers to produce their products in a more energy-efficient way.

Net value added 2019

in CHF

1 Salaries and wages, employee benefits, and social security

2 Retained earnings

3 Income taxes

Social performance indicators

Accident rate4

per 1 million working hours

Target line

Employees by region


Accident rate4

per 1 million working hours


Absence rate4

% of total work days


Total employee fluctuation

in %


Environmental performance indicators

Energy efficiency index4

(production volume5/energy consumption) in %

Target line

GHG emissions intensity index4

(CO2e emissions/production volume5) in %

Target line

Non recycled waste intensity index4

(non recycled waste/production volume5) in %

Target line

Water intensity index4

(water consumption/production volume5) in %

Target line

Ticker/Valor symbols

Telekurs, Dow Jones (DJT): FI-N
Reuters: FGEZn


Zurich, Switzerland: SIX Swiss Exchange ISIN: CH0001752309 Sustainability indices member: SXI Switzerland Sustainability 25®6 and Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register7

4 The social and the environmental index KPIs were restated due to the divestment of the iron foundry of GF Casting Solutions in Herzogenburg (Austria). In the calculation of the target relevant KPIs for all the years the iron foundry is considered pro rata (9 months of 2019). The site of GF Casting Solutions in Werdohl (Germany) is excluded due to the shift to the sites in Austria and Romania.
5 The production volume is defined based on the specificities of the businesses of the individual divisions: as “produced tonnes” for GF Piping Systems, as “gross value added” (it includes all operating income substracting the costs of materials and products, changes in inventory, and operating expenses) for GF Casting Solutions and as “hours worked” for GF Machining Solutions.
6 The index represents the top 25 companies ranked as most sustainable out of the SMI expanded index based on the assessment done by an independent sustainability rating agency.
7 The independent Belgian agency Forum ETHIBEL reconfirmed GF for inclusion in the Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register since 08/05/2020. This selection indicates that the company performs better than average in its sector in terms of sustainability.

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