Our value chain

The role and responsibility of GF in society extends beyond the direct operations of the company, as we work with, and touch through our activities, a broad range of stakeholders. GF addresses the wide spectrum of sustainability topics in all steps of its value chain, and we look forward to continuously deepening our engagement.

To underscore our commitment to responsible business conduct, GF has been a member of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability network for companies and organizations, since 2015. Since 2016, GF has issued an annual “Communication on Progress” report. In addition, the guidelines for multinational companies of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as well as the agreements of the International Labor Organisation (ILO) form the basis for our common understanding of corporate responsibility.


Sustainability in our own operations

Good corporate governance lays the foundation for the way our business is conducted day to day. As a company with a 200-year history, GF is built on respect for the people who make our operations tick and on customer-centricity. We strive to achieve the highest levels of quality and create added value for customers while staying abreast of technological developments, innovating, and evolving in step with the times.

We are an organization representing a wide range of businesses and cultures. As one Corporation, we pride ourselves on our reputation, and we seek to foster a respectful, engaging, and motivating working environment for the diverse family of our employees.

As an industrial company, it is our key responsibility to take care of the safety standards of our facilities and to do our utmost to drive accident-free operations. Therefore, we place a particularly strong focus on anchoring safety in every GF site worldwide.

We also continuously invest in upgrading our production and office locations to make them more efficient and reduce any negative impact on the environment.

Materials and equipment sourcing

The decisions we make in designing solutions for our customers have an immediate link to the upstream activities in our supply chain, both on the social and environmental side. We recognize this and work toward increasing transparency within our complex purchasing network, as well as working together with our business partners to ensure adherence to GF standards and expectations.

Distribution of products and services / product use and end-of-life management

The solutions we develop for our customers carry sustainability considerations in their core. We continuously engage with customers to understand their needs and requirements, to meet and exceed their own expectations of suppliers with regard to social and environmental performance, as well as to optimize our logistics processes in order to be more efficient for our customers and more environmentally friendly.

Value chain of GF at a glance